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Blind Expectant Mom Feels her Baby with 3D Printing

Blind Expectant Mom Feels her Baby with 3D Printing

Seeing the first ultrasound photos of their unborn child is something special for every expectant parent. But when a blind mother is able to feel how her child might look like, is a completely different experience. Tatiana Guerra, who is 30 years old and 20 weeks pregnant, had lost her eyesight at 17. But with 3D printing, she was able to feel how her unborn child would look like. When she went to her doctor to know how Murilo, her unborn son was progressing, she didn’t have the least idea that she could feel her baby’s 3D printed structure.

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3D Printed Sculpture

Guerra was given this beautiful surprise by her doctor when he gave her a 3D printed sculpture of her son’s face. The sculpture was made using data from an ultrasound image of the baby. She was able to touch the replica of Murilo’s face and understand how her son might look like.

Huggies Brazil has funded a short film project, the revelation being a part of it. The ad “Huggies Presents: Meeting Murilo” is a part of the large ad campaign by Huggies called “CountingTheDays.” The tagline which is “Every mom deserves to embrace each moment,” has got real meaning in case of Guerra and her baby.

Director of baby care at Kimberley- Clark Brazil, said “As a brand, Huggies considers each moment of this new phase in the lives of many women—the maternal role. Huggies believes that such protective embrace and bond helps babies grow up happy.”

Creating the Experience

Huggies Brazil and Kimberley-Clark commissioned The Goodfellas, experts in 3D printing and digital design and the ad agency Mood to create the wonderful experience. Photographers Fábio Kenji, Rodrigo Westphal Galego and Lucas Tintori, captured the entire moment when Guerra felt the 3D printed face of her son for the first time. The result was an emotional video.

A mobile 3D printing installation was placed in an adjacent room and the team at The Goodfellas started their work as the doctor captured the ultrasound image of Guerra’s unborn son. 15 minutes later, Guerra was handed the 3D printed sculpture of her baby and she got an amazing experience.

What’s your take?

Do you think 3D printing has the potential to create more such beautiful experiences? What other applications of this technology would you like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image & Article Source: http://3dprint.com

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