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Get Customized 3D Printed Salt and Pepper Shakers for your Home

Get Customized 3D Printed Salt and Pepper Shakers for your Home

Salt and pepper shakers are not something which you give much importance to. However, there are people who like to collect them because of their cute shapes and sizes. Collecting these shakers is a serious hobby for some which requires shelling out considerable amount of money. Andrea Ludden, a Belgian archaeologist residing in the United States, has created a collection of these shakers over a couple of decades.

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The Collection

She has a collection of 80,000 shakers from different parts of the world and the collection can now be seen at the Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers in Tennessee. She started this all by buying a pepper grinder at a yard sale and as it didn’t work, she kept it in a window ledge and bought another. Slowly, she started collecting different varieties of shakers and her collection was made. They range from kitschy hugging kittens to intricate wrought works in silver.

Ms Ludden can now add a new type of salt and pepper shaker to her collection- a 3D printed shaker.

3D Printed Shakers

A design studio based in Columbia, Pseudorama has designed an interesting set of salt and pepper shakers. An algorithm is used to create these objects. The algorithm includes the personal stories of couples in the form of shakers.

Based on personal data of a couple, each of the shakers that are created is different with an amazing design. These designs are then 3D printed through Shapeways. The information that is collected from you and your partner to create a customized couple shaker include eye and hair color, height and weight. Once this data is fed into the program, a form is created for you and your partner. For every couple this form will be unique. This form can then be used to print through Shapeways using any of the plastics they have as a printing filament.

So, now with 3D printing, you can get your own set of salt and pepper shakers representing you as a couple. Your guests can find a mini you and your partner sitting on the dining table in the form of salt and pepper shakers.

What about you?

Are you going to try out these 3D printed couple customized salt and pepper shakers? Do you find this interesting? Share your thoughts with us.

Image Source – justmadebetter.guru

Article Source – 3dprint.com


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