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Top 5 3D Printing Trends that will Impact Industries in 2015

Top 5 3D Printing Trends that will Impact Industries in 2015

3D printing saw some major changes in 2014 with more companies making their entry in this market. More than 50 new ventures have raised money in this sector and this excludes the crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter which are above 40. With such a huge demand of this technology, it is obvious that in 2015, the market will see more significant changes.

Here are five trends in 3D printing which we need to look out for in the coming year.

  • Improved and Affordable Use

More and more companies are entering this market and new ways are being developed to scan, print, create and share 3D content. Consumer-class machines which are generally used, lack in scale, precision and material choice as compared to the ones used earlier. Now prices are going down quickly and competitors are gearing up to increase the features, performance of the 3D printers and make them more easy to use.

2015 is likely to see desktop 3D printers which will be more functional and more affordable. Metal printers in particular will be of great interest to commercial consumers.

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  • 3D Photo Booth

3D headshots had started in 2014. Companies like MakerBot and Uniqlo, experimented with in-store 3D booths where users had their whole body or bust clicked so that they could be recreated as a mini figurine.

In 2015, more 3D scanning devices and software will be available, which will make it easier to capture 3D shots. 3D photo booths will increase in number in the coming year. Companies can tailor products for every customer with these scan and capture tools.

  • Incumbents to Lose Power

The industry is growing rapidly and the incumbents Stratasys and 3D Systems have been following a simple strategy of either buying it up or blocking it out. 3D Systems had sued Formlabs a startup even before it released any product.  Stratasys has merged with Object and bought MakerBot Industries. These acquisitions haven’t however helped these companies to grow. With entry of heavyweights like HP, patent expirations and joint effort of many startups, big names are finding it difficult to concentrate on providing the best products.

In 2015, incumbents will lose power and instead of slowing down the industry they will work on internal development. They will aim to provide better and affordable solutions to their consumers so that market adoption of this technology is increased. Material prices and print speeds are two of the areas which need to be concentrated upon.

  • Advancement in Healthcare

Healthcare has already seen many major innovations with 3D printing. Facial and skull implants, prosthetics and other products have been created with this technology.

In the coming year, it can be expected that we will get more fresh ideas and advanced healthcare with more customized 3D printed products. People will be more familiar with the use of 3D printed products for medical reasons.

  • Weaponry

Even if we don’t like this development, there are people who have developed guns and other weaponry using 3D printing technology.

In 2015, we will see more of these. More 3D printed grenades and guns will be created in the coming year.

These are five trends which you can expect in 2015 for the 3D printing industry.

Which of these trends do you think is the least desirable? What applications of this technology would you like to see more? Share it in the comments.

Image Source – the-sugar-lab.com

Article Source – venturebeat.com


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