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XYZPrinting Enters the 3D Food Printing Space

XYZPrinting Enters the 3D Food Printing Space

It seems 3D food printing has really taken off. Several companies are working on 3D printers to make 3D printed food available in the dining rooms of people. Earlier we wrote about Foodini, a desktop 3D food printer developed by Natural Machines. It was unable to reach its funding goal in Kickstarter, however; investors have been found the project interesting and now they plan to launch the printer eventually. There are other companies as well who are dabbling in this space. Another leading desktop 3D printer manufacturer, XYZPrinting has made its announcement of entering the 3D food printing space with two new 3D food printers.  The company is a subsidiary of Kinpo Group, the largest electronics manufacturing corporation of the world.

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3D Printing Food

The company hasn’t yet named the printer. It is expected to be available to the consumers by June next year. The price has also not been determined yet. However, XYZPrinting claims that the cost will be in the range of $3,000 and $5,000 per printer, which will be lesser as compared to other 3D food printers.

According to Simon Shen, the Chairman of the company they, are working with different suppliers of food materials which can be used with the device. They also believe that 3D food printers could be used in space in the future, for printing out food items for the astronauts.

Two New 3D Food Printers

Apart from making the cost of the printer lower than its competitors, the company also plans to use special food capsules for the printer, which will be filled with different ingredients. The printer with these capsules will be able to print out edible food items like candies, pizzas and cookies. The printing speed of the printer will also be higher than others.

Two new food printers were demonstrated by Shen. One of them needed just five minutes to print the food items. For one printer, there will 3 different nozzles. With these three nozzles, users will be able to use three different ingredients to print out the dishes. The other printer will just have one nozzle which will use only one ingredient.

To find if these two 3D food printers will become popular in the future, we will have to wait till they arrive in the market.

What do you think?

What is your take on 3D printing food items? Do you think it will retain the taste and nutrition of the food? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – pto.hu

Article Source – 3dprint.com


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