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Apple Pay- The New NFC Payment Feature

Apple Pay- The New NFC Payment Feature for iPhone

With the launch of the latest iPhone 6, Apple has introduced new features which will make the user experience even better than before. One...

Google Cardboard VR proposal

Man Pops up the Question with Google Cardboard

Adding a surprise element to marriage proposals is always an icing on the cake. When it’s done using technology, it becomes even more...

Sony SmartEyeGlass developer edition

Sony Unveils Augmented Reality Glasses with Transparent Lens

Sony Corporation has entered the augmented reality market with its new smart glasses. The SmartEyeGlass Developer Edition- SED-E1 is its...

DODOcase Virtual Reality Viewer

Create your Own Virtual Reality Viewer with DODOcase

You will now be able to create your own virtual reality viewer with DODOcase for your mobile phone. All you need is $25, some cardboard and...

3D Printed iPhone 6 BentGate Case

A 3D Printed Case for Your Bent iPhone 6- Seriously!

By now you must be already aware of the famous case of bent iPhone 6 Plus, the latest version of Apple’s iPhones. For those who are still...

Google Wallet vs Apple iWallet

Google Wallet vs Apple Pay- Which Is The Best For You?

Use of mobile devices for making purchases has now become a common practice among consumers. Google had tried to tap in this behavior with...

APN Outdoor Transit Technology

APN Outdoor Uses Transit Technology for Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor media provider, APN Outdoor is using Transit Technology to get ahead of its competitors and to draw in more advertisers as the...

Top Wearable Devices 2014

Top 5 Wearable Devices for 2014

Wearable technology is in the limelight now with new wearable devices being introduced regularly in the market. With so many devices being...


Wearable and Flexible Technologies World 2014 & 2nd Annual Global AR Summit

DEMAND-LED is organizing the 2nd annual Global AR Summit 2014, co-organized with Wearable and Flexible Technologies World 2014, will be...

Fujitsu Glove-Style Wearable Device

Fujitsu Exhibits Wearable Glove at the Mobile World Congress

Fujitsu has exhibited a ‘wearable’ glove this year in the Mobile World Congress which is slated for a 2015 release.