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Parents Can Connect with Kids in Their Classrooms with Aurasma App

Parents Can Connect with Kids in Their Classrooms with Aurasma App

Now it is possible for parents to know what their kids have been doing in their schools. This is possible with the help of the app Aurasma. Parents can now connect with their kids in their classrooms and know about their activities. This app has been lately introduced to parents at Fred Assam Elementary school during the parent –teacher meeting. The idea of using this app locally came from Morgan Bobzien, the Technology Integrationist of Brandon Valley. Since the introduction, it has been found out that the app has become a hit among the parents who own an iPad or smartphone.

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A hit among Parents and Students Alike

The app had become an instant hit not only among parents, but also among kids. It is available for Android and iOS devices, but it is yet to be available for Windows devices. According to Morgan Bobzien, guardians who already have the device will be highly benefited with this change. The initial test was carried out on Adam Bobzien’s (husband of Morgan Bobzien) first grade class and also on the fifth grade class.

As per Adam, it is a neat technology which provides a new way to connect with the kids. Parents, who had tried out the app, were satisfied with it.

How does it Work?

For the app to work, just the photo of a child is needed. Parents need to use this app over the photos which are linked to the videos of that kid in the classroom. The same photo can be used for the entire school year and parents can access future videos with that photo. Parents need to download the Aurasma app which is available for free and using it, they have to scan the photo of their kids. This then links to their respective videos.

The video messages by the first graders, which were put up in the parent-teacher meeting were simple. Most of them had kids welcoming their parents to the meeting and ending with “I love you” messages for them.

For the fifth graders, the videos contained a timeline of their activity so far, in the school year. They also mentioned their favorite unit studied till date. Apart from that, the videos contained insights into their science project, class Halloween party and QR reading.

After starting with Fred Assam Elementary and getting positive reaction from the kids and their parents for the use of the Aurasma app, Morgan Bobzien plans to introduce it at other schools of the district.

Image Source – educade.org

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