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ZMessenger Unveils BigBon- The App for Tracking Deals

ZMessenger Unveils BigBon- The App for Tracking Deals

zMessenger, an integrated mobile marketing company based in Sri Lanka has unveiled BigBon- a smartphone app which can help users to filter and get the best deals and offers from their preferable merchants. Not just that, the best deals in their desired location are found out using augmented reality technology. The app is perfect for individuals who want to select only the best deals from their favorite restaurants, retailers and others which are offered through their loyalty cards, credit cards, et al. Let us know more about the app.

BigBon App

The app can be customized and the users can choose the categories that interest them, their favorite shops, brands and online deal providers about whom they would like to get notified. Apart from the overall deals, users can also get location based deals if they want. This is possible with the use of augmented reality technology. The ‘scan around me’ feature of the app will show a list of deals which are in and around the current location of the user. iOS and Android users can download the BigBon app for free.

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Why use BigBon?

According to Jayomi Lokuliyana, CEO of zMessenger, users of mobile phones get offers and deals from various merchants constantly. Most often these offers turn out to be irrelevant for them. As a result, they stop paying attention to these offers and are considered as a nuisance to their lives. She says that, this results in consumers missing out on or ignoring interesting promotions which might otherwise be helpful for them.

  • For Consumers:

The BigBon app can be helpful in such cases. Consumers should use this app if they do not want to miss out on deals which might actually be of interest. With this app, they can decide on which deals they would like to receive and from whom. They won’t have to depend on the merchants for sending out irrelevant offers and deals.

  • For Merchants:

Users can send feedback to the merchants with the BigBon app. This helps the merchants to send specific promos which are targeted individually for the customers. The merchants will be able to know more about their customers’ likes and dislikes with this app.

zMessenger is an award winning company which leads the way in planning, development and implementation of effective mobile marketing campaigns.

Image Source – www.ceylontoday.lk

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