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Departures Switzerland- A Public Transport AR App

Departures Switzerland- A Public Transport AR App

The use of augmented reality in travel planning can make the tourism industry even better just like other industries. This has led to the increase in the development of public transport apps in different countries, Switzerland being one of them. An augmented reality app for public transport has recently been unveiled in Switzerland. The app is known as Departures Switzerland and it shows the users of the app all the public transports that are available in their area with the help of an AR browser.

How Does the Departures Switzerland App Work?

Users who want to know about the nearest and the next public transport option that is available to them can use this app. All they need to do is open the app and hold their smartphones in the direction of the stop or station where they want to go and they will be able to see the relevant destination board overlaid on the real world image. The Departures Switzerland app is available for iPhone.

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What will the app display?

Apart from the nearest public transport stop, the Departures Switzerland AR app will also display other useful information to the users. Some of them include:

  • All stops of public transportation that are there in Switzerland
  • Departure times of these transportations.
  • Available forms of transport like trams, trains, ships, cable cars, buses and more.
  • Real time information like the current running status of transports, delays and platform changes.
  • In addition to the information being displayed in text format, it is also displayed on a map.
  • A small arrow is displayed which points to the next possible departure time of the public transport that the users choose.

Unlike other apps, the Departures Switzerland AR app provides real value addition to the users by providing them real-time information on Switzerland’s public transportation network. The OpenData.ch project, which is a non-governmental organization, makes this possible by providing free information to the public. So, the tourists as well as local commuters can get real added value with the Departures Switzerland app.

With the development of similar AR apps, it can be expected that augmented reality can help a lot in travel planning.

What do you say?

Are you thinking of using the Departures Switzerland app? Have you used any other travel related AR app? Which app do you think is good for tourists? Share your views in the comments section.

Image Source – departuresapp.com


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