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Ferrari’s Latest AR App Lets You Virtually Design Your Car

Ferrari’s Latest AR App Lets You Virtually Design Your Car

Buying a Ferrari will now become easier, thanks to augmented reality technology. Ferrari has brought this technology in its showrooms to assist consumers in their purchase. Choosing between a classic red car and a suave black one will be easier. The auto manufacturer has teamed up with Zspace, the developer, to build the Ferrari AR showroom app. The app will allow you to customize your car as per your requirement, without asking the dealership to order it in. Have a look at this post to know how you can use this augmented reality app and book your car with ease.

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Ferrari AR Showroom App

The AR app of Ferrari uses 3D tracking technology to identify real-world cars and overlay different colors, shapes and videos onto their real-time images. When you visit a Ferrari showroom, you can use a tablet with the app installed in it and hold it in front of your desired vehicle. You will then be able to change the brakes, rims and the colors virtually, thereby creating a custom specification.

The 3D tracking technology has been built by Metaio, the augmented reality specialists and has seven “feature spotlights” that you can choose from. A few include an X-ray view of the chosen car which shows its machinery, an image of the car in a wind tunnel, a 3D breakdown of the brake assembly, among others. For instance, you can choose the brakes option on the app and you will see a wheel pop out from its cover, showing the screws and brakes that hold it in place.

How Does it Work?

The technology of Metaio is able to find out the car by tracking its edges. When the device with the app is pointed at a Ferrari, the technology evaluates the distance between its wheel arches, panels and other parts of the chassis and then superimposes the selected graphics. You just have to hold the tablet steady and you can change the color of your desired car easily without actually repainting it, right in the showroom.

The new Ferrari AR app works with five different models of the car. They include the California, the FF, the F12berlinetta, the 458 Speciale and Spider. Ferrari could possibly use this technology for the rest of its cars as well.

At the moment, the augmented reality Ferraris will be visible only to Australian and Japanese customers. Customers in the USA will have to wait for a while, as the first use of the Ferrari AR app in the US will be seen at the upcoming InsideAR augmented reality show which will be held in mid-May in San Francisco.

Other car manufacturers have used this edge tracking technology before. Volkswagen had used Metaio’s technology in 2013 to shows users of the AR app, information about its hybrid concept XL1 car in real time.

So, if you want to buy a customized Ferrari, now you can visualize how the car would look like before investing your money.

What about you?

Are you going to try out the Ferrari AR app? Have you used any other AR app? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image source – motorauthority.com

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