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Augmented Reality App by Engage for Porsche Panamera Launch

Augmented Reality App by Engage for Porsche Panamera Launch

Porsche Panamera is going to make its debut in the Middle East. As a part of this launch, Engage Production Ltd has created a wonderful augmented reality app in association with Avantgarde Middle East. Engage Production is a specialist in creating interactive technologies for various brands and Avantgarde is a strategic partner for creating long term plans for brand campaigns. The dealership is touring throughout eight countries. Two iPads form a part of a customized stand and the AR app is installed on them. Engage was responsible for building the application and generating the assets, whereas Avantgarde was responsible for managing the concept and design of the assets.

Customers to view a range of spectacular content

Each iPad has a holding page which encourages the customers to pick it up. The page provides instructions to the users on how to use the app. Each car has five markers and the app urges the users to find them using live camera view. When these markers are scanned using the camera, a range of spectacular content will be available to the users for viewing. The content may be in the form of texts, images, animations and videos. A contrast of routine content and augmented content will be available to the customers. The augmented content highlights on some features of the car like color, aerodynamics and speed.

Other uses of the app

Apart from just reacting to the markers, the app also tells which markers have been completed and which have been partially completed. With this information, the app will suggest the next steps that the user needs to follow. The app can capture data and offer more information to customers who provide their email addresses. The data that is collected by the app is forwarded to specific dealership from where the app is operated as well as to the regional sales team. This helps the dealership to keep a track on the leads generated.

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According to Steve Blyth, managing director of Engage, they were asked to create an app which not only offered a high level view of the product but also provided an introduction to the features of the Porsche Panamera. This app has been created specifically for the customers- to provide them with a deeply engaging and unique experience.

The use of this augmented reality app is certainly going to make an impact on the launch of Porsche Panamera.

Image Source – hdw.eweb4.com

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