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Keep yourself Fit with this Google Glass App- Race Yourself

Keep yourself Fit with this Google Glass App- Race Yourself

Now you can bring a change to your monotonous fitness schedule with Race Yourself, an app for Google Glass. You no longer have to go through the boring jogging routine on your treadmill. With this app, your real world and virtual world blends in and you can keep yourself fit in an interesting and fun way. You will get plenty of motivation from this app in the form of games, fun challenges and competitions. You can preorder for this app now, but it will release with Google Glass.

Virtual reality app

‘Race Yourself’ is a virtual reality app which will provide a virtual world to you where you can race with others around you or hit markers while you are skydiving or even ski through virtual checkpoints. You will be able to see a map, your speed of running or any other activity which you are participating in, the calories that you have burned and the time elapsed. All these will be available on the screen of your Google Glass.

More than 30 games are available for the users of this app. These games cover different types of activities that users can take part in and keep themselves fit. The games in ‘Race Yourself’ can be unlocked by performing different activities like completing workouts, burning calories and exercising many days at a stretch.

Games are generally addictive and the app uses this nature to encourage users to move outdoors and play the game and view it in front of their eyes on the Google Glass screen.

Product Beta

This app was being developed for the last six months. Now a product beta has been developed by Race Yourself. A crowd funding campaign is also available in their website. An online video has been created by them, which showcases their vision to the public. There are three different types of items that are compatible with the software, which the consumers can preorder to support the cause- 10 games, heart rate monitors and speedometers. You can preorder the set of 10 games at $9.95, Heart Rate bundle which consists of heart monitors and the games, at $39.95 and Speedo bundle which consists of speedometer, heart monitor and the games, at $69.95.

Currently the app is only available for Google Glass. But, Race Yourself is also going to be available for smart watches as well as for Android and iOS compatible devices in the near future. The company has assured that users can run with the Glass on, without worrying of damaging it.

Image Source – vimeo.com

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