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Valpak App offers Augmented Reality Coupons to Shoppers

Valpak App offers Augmented Reality Coupons to Shoppers

Valpak, the leading local print and digital coupons company in North America, now features augmented reality coupons on their Valpak app. This will make easier for shoppers to find coupons for restaurants and other services. Valpak is using the innovative AR technology for combining the real world with the virtual world. This, in turn, allows them to offer interactive and 3 dimensional consumer experience.

The company introduced this AR feature in month of August exclusively on The Blue Envelope. The augmented reality feature directed consumers to the app and coupons and offers would simply ‘pop up’, allowing consumers to interact with them in real time. However, the access to this AR feature was limited to those who received The Blue Envelope.

Valpak has now extended their augmented reality app to consumers as a whole. The can download the app onto their smartphone and to launch the feature, all they need to do is tap the AR icon and hold the device to the horizon to see nearby businesses that offer a Valpak coupon. The augmented reality app is now available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Michael Vivio, the President of Cox Target Media said, “Using AR is a fun and new way to receive and use coupons and a surprisingly easy way to find businesses around you. It’s also great for businesses because it offers advertisers further reach and gives them the added bonus of attracting nearby customers at the same time they’re ready to make a purchase.” Cox Target Media is the provider of Valpak, Valpak.com, Savings.com, Favado and Valpak apps.

The WillowTree Apps developed the original Valpak app as well as its augmented reality feature. However, this is not Valpak’s first experience with AR technology as the company has previously partnered with Junaio in the spring of 2010.

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