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InsideAR Tokyo, 2014 – The Second Edition of Metaio’s AR Event

InsideAR Tokyo, 2014 – The Second Edition of Metaio’s AR Event

This year, the world leader in augmented reality software and solutions Metaio, is going to host InsideAR, its famous augmented reality event all across the globe. The company has invited the international community to attend any of the three events that will be held in Germany, Japan and China. This is the first time that InsideAR will be held in China, whereas, the second for Japan. Germany will hold its eighth Annual InsideAR.

Itinerary of Global InsideAR

The first InsideAR of the year will be conducted in Tokyo, Japan on 8th July. The next one will be held in Beijing, China on 5th September and the final and the largest Annual InsideAR will be conducted in Munich, Germany for two days, from 29th October to 30th October.

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Why Japan?

Since Japan has a technologically advanced market and last year the event was a successful one, Metaio decided to continue with the expansion of their chief InsideAR event to this country this year also.

InsideAR Tokyo, 2014

The main focus of this event will be on “The Utilization of AR Technology On Wearables”, which will include examples on enterprise, maintenance and marketing. Participants will get a chance to find out about the present and future applications of the AR technology by attending creative workshops, live demonstrations and different use-cases.

3 AR workshops, more than 20 exhibits and live demos, panel discussions and 15 presentations and keynotes will be held in InsideAR Tokyo 2014. More than 100 companies are participating with over 250 attendees in this year’s InsideAR in Tokyo.

The CEO of Metaio, Dr. Thomas Alt and Matthias Greiner and Dr. Irina Gusakova from the Metaio team will be demonstrating the future of augmented reality and the AR Product Lifestyle. They will also be presenting use cases for wearable devices.

What to Expect from this year’s InsideAR?

This year, InsideAR will highlight on wearable eyewear and other technologies, which includes augmented reality applications and latest 3D optics. Those attending the conference in the three locations will be able to get insight from agencies and companies which are working energetically to make augmented reality more common to the masses. Big brands are participating in the InsideAR just like other years, to discuss about their researches and upcoming projects with the attendees.

InsideAR 2013

InsideAR 2013, conducted in Munich was an international success. There were more than 800 participants and 45 speakers. Above 400 companies had participated in last years’ Annual InsideAR. Companies and partners of Metaio like Audi AG, McDonald’s, IKEA, SAP, Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling USA, Intel, NVIDIA, Vuzix, Imagination Technologies and Volkswagen participated last year in InsideAR. They had revealed insights into their collaborations, research and projects in the augmented reality arena.

Just like last year’s success, Metaio wants this year’s InsideAR to be equally successful in all three of the locations where it will take place.

More information on all three conferences, please visit www.insideAR2014.com.  

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