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Augmented Reality Marketing Conference to be Held in Dublin

Augmented Reality Marketing Conference to be Held in Dublin

Guinness Storehouse in Dublin will host the Augmented Reality Marketing Conference next month. This is Europe’s dedicated AR marketing conference and will have experts across the US and Europe speak about this rapidly growing technology. This event is being portrayed by the organizer as the first exhibition and conference in Europe to “specifically display the role of augmented reality in integrated marketing communications”. ARMarketing.org is the organizer of this conference.

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The Event

The event will be held on 15th April, 2014, Tuesday and will continue for the entire day. It will feature demonstration of different wearable tech including Google Glass. It will also conduct presentation of AR marketing case studies which will include brands like L’Oreal, Heinz, Renault and Maybelline. These are some of the brands which have incorporated AR into their customer interaction strategies.

The Speakers

The speakers of this conference include Brian Mullins, chief executive of Daqri, AR ‘visionary’ Dave Lorenzini of Glass Foundry, Jess Butcher, CMO and co-founder of Blippar, the company which has developed an image recognition app for Google Glass.

Other speakers who will also address this event include Andrew Jenkinson of vStream, Mathijs Gajentaan of Twnkls, Thomas Perpere of Diotasoft SAS and Ferry Piekart.

Keynote of the Event

For the first time, important people who are in the forefront of this conference are coming to Dublin to share their case studies, experience and knowledge. You can get an insight on using AR to take your business to the next level. During the breaks, interactive application of augmented reality technology will be shown. A Q&A Panel Discussion will be held where additional information on this amazing technology and thoughts of speakers will be shared.

The Sponsors 

Some big names are the sponsors of the Augmented Reality Marketing Conference in Dublin. They include Blippar, Daqri, Twnkls, Connector 360, The Global Marketing Alliance and The Persuaders Radio Show.

You can get a ticket to the conference at a discounted price of €250 till 23rd March, if you are a member of an association or professional group. You can know whether your association is eligible by mailing at su@armarketing.org.

Image Source – augmentedblog.wordpress.com

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