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Wearable Technology Development (China) Congress 2014

Wearable Technology Development (China) Congress 2014

Wearable Technology Development ( China ) Congress will be held in Shanghai on August 25 & 26, 2014. The government authorities ,chips, sensors , semiconductors, software , monitors, digital design , research consultancy etc… most of the industry chain related enterprises in china will join.

Wearable device is the first time can be used to calculate the human eyes and hands are freed disruptive technology in human history. According to the forecasts , the next 2-3 years , wearable technology market will grow from the current size of 30-50 billion to $ 300-500 billion, the next 3-5 years the terminal compound growth rate will not be less than 50%. Consumer Electronics Association believes that due to the rapid development of mobile technology and the rapid growth of applications software market , wearable technology will usher in the ” outbreak ” in 2014.

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At present, China wearable device market still in its infancy , but the increment huge future market space . X-Wisdom Consulting released the ” 2013 China wearable device market research report ” shows that in 2012 China wearable device market reached 610 million yuan , expected in 2015 China wearable device market size will exceed 10 billion yuan, reaching 11.49 billion yuan .

Wearable device market has great potential . Google , Baidu , MI, Samsung, Sony, LG, Yulong Coolpad, Lenovo, Dell and other IT companies, Intel , Qualcomm and other chip companies have join wearable device market , will lead to a new industrial chain transformation .

Wearable technology will bring tremendous business opportunities to sensors, controllers, wireless chips and power IC, AR, VR, flexible displays etc…Wearable Technology Development ( China ) Congress 2014 will focus on how the collaboration of wearable devices downstream industry chain 、how the various fusion technology convergence 、how to crack the technical bottlenecks、upgrade the industry value chain , then, the relevant government authorities and leading domestic and international manufacturers will gather in Shanghai together to explore industry market opportunities. Related companies are welcome to attend Wearable Technology Development ( China ) Congress 2014.

Online register:www.wearableworld.com.cn

Image Source – www.bidnessetc.com

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