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Deep – The Virtual Reality Game to Make Meditation Interesting

Deep – The Virtual Reality Game to Make Meditation Interesting

Virtual reality gaming till now was only about fun and immersion. But now, a new game has been developed which will help players meditate in a better way by immersing them in a calm and peaceful world. Game designer Owen Harris along with Niki Smit, co-founder of Monobanda, a game company based in Utrecht, developed this virtual reality game called DEEP. The concept was started just as an experiment about deep breathing. But it soon became a meditative VR game.

DEEP- What can you Expect from this Game?

Breathing controls this psychoactive VR game DEEP. To take part in the game, players are required to wear the Oculus Rift and use the custom DEEP controller. They will be able to discover a mysterious and beautiful world under the sea. You will be able to learn yogic breathing techniques with this VR game, which will help you relieve mild depression, anxiety and stress. You can take a deep breath and find yourself soaring beneath the waves where you will see strange life-forms and ancient gods.

Owen Harris said “The idea is that it’s better for us to get into the habit of breathing slowly and deeply into our diaphragm, rather than quickly and shallowly into our chest.”

When you play the game, you will see a white circle in the middle of your field of vision. As you breathe in, the circle will grow. The circle will contract as you breathe out. The conductive wool on the controller senses the movement your body makes when you breathe in or out.

Future Plans

The developers are now planning to make DEEP a commercial product. They are planning to bring in new features in the game with the use of the controller. You could fix a track where you could breathe in and out so that you could fly up and down and shift through the hoops. While doing so, you could learn to control your breathing. You could also learn to control your mood in the process.

With proper meditative approach through the DEEP VR game, you will be more centered, calmer and have more control on your emotions. But all this will be achieved in a fun and interesting way.

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What about you?

Are you going to try out DEEP when it becomes commercially available? Do you think this will really be helpful for meditation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Image Credits: dumblittleman.com

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