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Endgame: Augmented Reality Game by Google

Endgame: Augmented Reality Game by Google

A new augmented reality game by Google will be available to game lovers pretty soon. Those who have played Ingress, an AR game by Google’s Niantic Labs, will definitely look forward to this new game. HarperCollins and Niantic Labs have teamed up to turn the imminent young-adult trilogy Endgame into a location-based AR game. The book has been written by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton. The game will build an interactive world that revolves around the story. The deal will give Google the exclusive permission to distribute 6 of 15 original e-books on Google Play Store.

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Endgame: The Calling

The first book in the trilogy of Endgame is Endgame: The Calling. It is slated to release on 7th October, 2014. The entire series will be a part of a cross media project, which will include extra e-book stories, search results, YouTube videos, social media, mapping coordinates and an interactive puzzle. When the first book of the series releases, it will feature a prize, which will be given to the one who solves the interactive puzzle first. Riddles and clues will be interlaced within the text using which the readers have to solve the puzzle.

The Prize

Once the puzzle is solved, the reader will be able to discover a key which will lead him/her to a large prize. The prize will be an unspecified amount of gold which will be encased in a bullet-proof glass case. The key has to be used to open the case. The glass case will be on public display and to make the entire process an exciting one, Google has planned to stream the event live on YouTube.

The App

Much information about the app has not been released yet by Google. However, it will most probably be a part of the interactive puzzle. It might be similar to Ingress in which players are connected to the physical world along with their smartphones. The app will be available for both Android and iOS devices unlike Ingress.

Apart from the AR game, the firm has also been given the option by Twentieth Century Fox to have a supplementary movie series. If this is done, it will turn out to be a huge success for Niantic and Google, as the goal of Ingress was always to become an ‘open real-world gaming platform’. So if both the game and the movie collaborate with the book, this will be the most mainstream collaboration till date for Google.

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