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MYNZ- First Augmented Reality Game For Apple Watch

MYNZ- First Augmented Reality Game For Apple Watch

There are many augmented reality games which can make gaming much more interesting for the players. As more and more devices are being developed, new AR games are also being created which can be played using these devices. MYNZ is one such augmented reality game which is being developed so that many players can play at the same time. This game is similar to Ingress where you have to step out in the real world and play.

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What is MYNZ?

MYNZ is a multiplayer mobile augmented reality game which can be played using iPhone or the Apple Watch. You can use the ‘Glances’ feature of Apple Watch to see what is happening in the game. You will have the power to deploy a dynamite, a land mine, a water bomb, etc. for your friends who will find them out all across the town and try to escape from these bombs.

You can check the Armory to see your weapon cache or go to the Ammo Store to purchase special ammunition which you can deploy. You can also manage the ammunition to decide which one you would like to use during the game.

Features of MYNZ

  • Compete & Unlock Special Ammo

As you successfully detonate every bomb through the town that your friends have planted, you score points. With these points, you will then be able to buy special ammo.

  • Trigger Blasts

You will get notified when your friends enter the blast radius in which you have planted the bombs. You will then be able to trigger it remotely to explode the bomb and score points in the process.

  • Set Traps

Set traps and deploy mines for your friends all across the city so that they can find them out and escape them.

You will be able to see which friend is leading the game. You will soon be able to deploy the mines remotely. The app is yet to launch for consumer’s use. You can sign up for the app in the MYNZ website to get the latest update on the MYNZ app and when you can get it commercially.

What about you?

Are you going to sign up for the app? Will you like to play this AR game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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