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Sony Releases Two New PS4 Augmented Reality Concepts

Sony Releases Two New PS4 Augmented Reality Concepts

Sony might not be having any plans to release a new augmented reality toy, but it is surely working on this amazing technology for its future PlayStation games. Two videos released by the company in its PlayStation Japan blog, provides a hint to the users how the future of PlayStation games would be like. The videos display the AR experiments that the company has carried out with the PlayStation 4 and its camera. The video highlights on two aspects, fluid simulation and AR dynamic lighting. Check out what the videos have in store.

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Fluid Simulation

The first video showcases fluid simulation. A man is shown holding two white cards, which turns into two virtual three-dimensional boxes. In one box, virtual water is seen along with a rubber duck. The video shows the man pouring this virtual water from one virtual container to another. Sometimes, he is pouring the water on the floor and sometimes the water is seen to be splashing back and forth covering the rubber duck.

AR Dynamic Lighting

The second video demonstrates AR dynamic lighting. The demonstrator in the video is shown to be using a real life light source from a flashlight to cast it on a virtual dinosaur in a dark room. The shadows change as the light falls on and off the dinosaur. The AR effects also change when the color of the light that falls on it, changes. Other than dinosaur, another virtual doll has also been shown in the second video.

Trading Card Recognition

Apart from these two videos, the blog has also discussed about another new feature that Sony is working upon. It is the trading card recognition feature. The AR trading card recognition technology demonstration identifies the high speed pattern of trading card, to show characters and play music named after the card. However, no videos are available yet for demonstrating this feature.

After watching the videos, you will be able to get an idea about how the future games of PlayStation 4 would be like and how you will be playing them. Augmented reality will definitely make the games even more interesting.

What do you think of these videos? Do you find them interesting enough? Are you excited about how the games of PS4 would be like? We would like to hear your views on this.

Image Source – www.dualshockers.com

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