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Ravensburger Puzzle App by Wolpertinger Games is a Huge Hit in Europe

Ravensburger Puzzle App by Wolpertinger Games is a Huge Hit in Europe

An augmented reality puzzle app, which has been developed by Ravensburger Digital in association with Wolpertinger Games, has become a huge success in Europe. The puzzle is known as Ravensburger Puzzle and was released on 27th March, 2014. Ever since its release the game has been getting awesome reviews from customers and has made it to the top 10 charts of App Store in Europe. It has been holding the position since then. The puzzle game is for iPad users.

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Team Work and High Quality of the Game

According to Sebastian Bender from Wolpertinger Games, the success of the game is due to the exceptional teamwork and the high quality of the puzzle. He added that along with Ravensburger Digital, they had worked really hard to deliver the original feeling of playing an authentic puzzle directly to their mobile devices. They have successfully created a high quality product which has been positively accepted by the puzzle fans across Europe.

Satisfied Customer Reviews

According to the Head of Product Development, Volker Hirsch, puzzle games are really helpful in delighting the people. The same has been possible with the new Puzzle App. It lets users enjoy the puzzle game in their iPads. They can also avail all the benefits that the tablet has to offer. He also added that the providing a high quality product was a great challenge for the developers. But when they collaborated with Wolpertinger Games, the process was made easier and the result was visible with the reviews given by the satisfied customers.

The Ravensburger Puzzle

The Ravensburger Puzzle unites the tradition from the standard world of puzzle games with the prospects of the digital world on the iPad. The App provides a large selection of motifs of puzzles, instinctive iPad controls, tutorials for beginners and original quality of the Ravensburger game. In addition, the true puzzle game also offers beginners, puzzle professionals and kids with unique Ravensburger puzzle stamps that range from 20 to 500 for ultimate puzzle fun.

If you are a fan of puzzle game and own an iPad, get this AR game from the Apple App Store today.

What do you think about the game? Are you going to download the Ravensburger puzzle app? Let us know in the comments.

Image source – itunes.apple.com

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