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Top 10 Reasons why Retailers should use Augmented Reality

Top 10 Reasons why Retailers should use Augmented Reality

With new trends coming up every now and then, brands have to keep themselves prepared to deal with these changes. Their marketing strategy should be planned keeping these trends in mind. Mobile devices have now become an important component of the sales process. They affect the decision making behavior of the consumers. With augmented reality, consumers get a better brand experience and connect more with that brand. So, retailers should necessarily use augmented reality for their business. Check out the top 10 reasons why as a retailer you should use this innovative technology.

1. Conversion rates will improve and returns will be reduced

With AR, retailers can set up virtual fitting rooms for their customers. This will help them to try on different products virtually and find out how those items would look on them. This will help in reducing returns drastically as well as increase online conversion rates. This in turn, will lead to the profitability of the company.

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2. Ecommerce and traditional retail experience can be combined

With augmented reality, virtual retail stores can be set up which will be able to provide traditional shopping experience to the customers, thereby combining both online and traditional retail.

3. Advertising campaigns can become stronger

With AR, brands can create interactive advertising campaigns which will attract the customers and direct them to extra content like discount coupons, websites, product video, etc.

4. Navigation around warehouse area will be easier

Retailers, who have big spaces and lots of inventories, may find it difficult to navigate around their warehouse area. This can be made easier with augmented reality.

5. Brand recognition will be augmented

User engagement for any product is higher with AR and customers will become interested to buy that product and in the process brand recognition will be augmented.

6. Extra information will improve the shopping experience of the customers

When customers get added information on a product like any applicable discount or nutritional information it would increase their shopping experience. This is possible with augmented reality.

7. Product catalogs can be visualized

Retailers can use AR to help the customers view their products real time. They can implement AR in their product catalogs and users can visualize how a product will look like when placed in their homes.

8. A 3D product view will create a selling opportunity

With a 3D product demonstration, consumers can try on products before they buy. This will create a selling opportunity for the retailers. Consumers always want to check out any product before they buy. In some cases, it becomes impossible to demonstrate a product. In such situations an AR product can be really good for providing a 3D product view.

9. Customers can be encouraged to buy with AR offers

With augmented reality, customers can find about offers provided by different retailers. This will help them to know about the stores and they will be encouraged to buy those products.

10. Customers can be lured inside the stores

Retailers who have AR enabled in their store windows will provide entertainment to the users and they will feel interested to check out what’s inside the store.

If retailers use augmented reality, they can easily find out whether their campaign is working or not by the customer reaction and viral exposure. Depending on the results, they can either continue or stop using AR for their business.

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