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Google Plans to Develop AR Headset ‘Google A65’

Google Plans to Develop AR Headset ‘Google A65’

Google has yet again entered the world of augmented reality headsets, after the debacle of Google Glass. This time, the company is reported to work on a standalone augmented reality headset which will run on Qualcomm chips. The device is still in its early stages of development. The reports have come from the documents procured by WinFuture, a German news site. If these reports of the re-entry of Google in the augmented reality market is true, the headset will take on Microsoft’s headset HoloLens.

‘Google A65’
‘Google A65’ is the codename of the AR headset that Google is developing. The headset is still a prototype and will be manufactured by Quanta, the Taiwanese computer maker. As per the reports of WinFuture, the company was also a part of the production of the 2015 launched tablet “Pixel C”.
The augmented reality headset is supposed to use a new chipset which will be powered by ARM and will have an advanced field of view. Based on the said architecture, Qualcomm QSC603 quad-core chipsets will power the Google A65 headset. The same chips will power an updated HoloLens which is due this year. Still in its prototype stage, there is no news about its release date.

The report added “The headset is supposedly based on a custom quad-core internet-of-things (IoT) focused Qualcomm QSC603, supporting up to 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and 1080p and 1030p video capture, 3D overlays, rendering interfaces, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS and the Android neural networks application programming interface (API).”

Similarities with Microsoft HoloLens
Similarities are being drawn between the prototype ‘Google A65’ and Microsoft HoloLens. Starting from the use of Qualcomm chips in both the headsets, to the design which is powered by improved RISC machines, to the style of operation, many similarities are being rumored. However, HoloLens runs on mixed reality where both augmented reality and virtual reality is in use and ‘Google A65’ will run on only augmented reality if reports are true.

Whether or not ‘Google A65’ will be similar to Microsoft HoloLens is a matter which will be clear once the prototype is completely developed and ready for consumer use. Till then let’s wait and watch.

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