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Atheer Launches New Version of Augmented Reality Headset

Atheer Launches New Version of Augmented Reality Headset

Atheer Labs, a startup based in Mountain View, California, has come up with the second developer version of its augmented reality headset. This startup of four years has now got a new CEO, Alberto Torres. He was a senior Vice President of Mobility at HP earlier. Soulaiman Itani was the former CEO of Atheer who resigned in October. A crowdfunding campaign had been launched for its first version of augmented reality glasses, but was cancelled citing more interest from enterprises. Now, the second version is here right in time with the announcement of Microsoft Hololens.

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Augmented Interactive Reality

Augmented interactive Reality (AiR) is the virtual reality user interface created by Atheer. The software development kit uses Android and lets developers integrate motion gestures into their software. A pair of smart glasses is required for the AiR to function. The glasses can sense the movement of the hands of the users. The wearers will be able to communicate with an application, just by swiping or pointing their fingers.

The company said that it develops its own smart glasses which “make it possible for users to interact with data in a natural way and collaborate with their peers like never before.”

The Changes in the Second Version

The second version of augmented reality glasses comes with some changes. The gesturing capabilities have seen some refinements which come with the latest SDK. There is a Snapdragon 800 process and the frame is a lighter and more compact one compared to the earlier version. The number of pilot programs which Atheer is running in different industries to modify the product is also expanding.

Nowadays, Atheer technology runs on a Wi-Fi connected small device which links to the smart glasses. But afterwards, hardware makers can create the software layer of Atheer, in their own hardware. A consumer smartphone might be used someday to run the software of Atheer Labs. The operating system has a much cleaner look. Navigation can be done with fewer gestures.

According to Torres “History shows it’s not always the people who throw the most money at it that get the right answer. Our focus is to execute and have a great experience. This world of computing at your fingertips … it’s going to happen.”

Right now it will be limited to the enterprises, but gradually with the growth in people’s interest, Atheer will start using the augmented reality glasses in consumer space. However, it remains to be seen whether its AR headset will give competition to Microsoft Hololens.

What do you think?

Do you think the second version of AR headset from Atheer will be able to give competition to Hololens? Should it release a commercial version soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – techtimes.com


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