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Integration of Metaio 3D AR Tracking Software with Intel RealSense SDK

Integration of Metaio 3D AR Tracking Software with Intel RealSense SDK

The world’s forerunner in AR software and solutions, Metaio announced the integration of their 3D AR tracking software with Intel’s RealSense™ Software Development Kit. This announcement was made at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The augmented reality tracking technology used by Metaio helps in recognizing real world images and attaching relevant digital information almost instantaneously.  Now, the Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera will help in the interaction of real and virtual surroundings in practical applications as well as entertainment ones.

Blurring the real and virtual worlds

Intel hopes to blur the lines between real and virtual worlds even further with their 3D camera technology along with Metaio’s AR tools. For example, with this new technology, kids will be able to play with their toys and modify their playing experience by interacting digitally. The vision of Intel has been to facilitate natural interactions which are human-like.

What will the Intel RealSense Software Development Kit include?

This kit is going to be released in the first half of 2014. The last kit, the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK was released in 2012. The Intel® RealSense SDK will include a lot of features which were not present in the last software development kit. This will have voice recognition feature available in more than 9 languages. Other inclusions in this kit are listed below:

Background subtraction

This feature allows developers to add functionalities like green screen to applications.

  • Finger tracking and hand tracking

With this features computing devices can be controlled by the users with finger and hand gestures in mid-air.

  • Face analysis

This feature recognizes users by tracking their facial features along the field of view of the camera.

  • Voice recognition

Even voice recognition feature will be available to the users.

Developers will get advanced AR features from the Intel RealSense Computing SDK. This will be possible only when the 3D tracking and recognition engine addition is accomplished by Metaio. The features will be available using data from the Intel RealSense 3D camera which is integrated with different computing devices.

This integration will not only be helpful for Intel but also for Metaio. Both the SDKs will get new levels of interactivity. The progressive human-computer interaction features which will be provided by Intel, will be available to 65,000 developers on the AR platform of Metaio. This will help them to create intuitive experiences which will bridge the gap between real and digital worlds.

Image Source – mashable.com

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