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World’s First Augmented Reality Studio is Here

World’s First Augmented Reality Studio is Here

Augmented reality startup Seek is developing world’s first augmented reality studio which will let anybody create their own augmented reality experience just with their phone. The company is growing really fast and is now ready to provide the users with a never before experience. The AR studio is called Seek Studio and will make augmented reality available to the consumers and make everyone a creator. Let us have a look at how the studio will work:

How Seek Studio Works
The process of creating an AR experience is easy. Users are provided with templates to make their first AR experience. For instance, a user can select an image on their phone, sketch out the portion they want in 3D, and publish it to the AR studio. They will be able to share it with their friends via text or social media.
In case of a brand, they can upload their product’s 3D model and publish it to Seek. This will help their customers experience AR content in their home.
There will be six templates at the time of launch of Seek Studio and in the coming months, new one will be added every few days. This will improve the types of experiences that can be created with this platform.

Amazon Sumerian
A key feature of Seek Studio is distributing tools for Amazon Sumerian users. Those who are using the augmented reality tools of Amazon Sumerian, will be instantly able to publish their AR experiences to Seek which will make them available for sharing to the world. Eric Johnsen, Business Development Director, AR/VR, at Amazon Web Services, said “There are a lot of great AR experiences being created by developers today, but they can be a challenge to find. Seek allows for quick and easy preview and publishing of an Amazon Sumerian AR experience in an existing mobile app. Our creators will love this!” Users of the Sumerian app can publish AR content instantly to a mobile device using only Seek.

The focus of Seek is to create, publish, share and find out augmented reality in an easy way.

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