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Augmented Reality Sunglasses from Recon Pilot Edition are Available for Pre-Order

Augmented Reality Sunglasses from Recon Pilot Edition are Available for Pre-Order

Since Google Glass are still months away, you can try your hands on another pair of high-tech spectacles. Recon Instruments made their Recon Jet sunglasses, costing approximately $499, available for pre-order on Wednesday. However, this price is for a limited time and thus, you need to act quickly if you want a pair too.

The Pilot Edition sunglasses from Recon are specially marketed for the active runners, triathletes and cyclists. However, the early model does lack some of the features that will be incorporated with the final product. It is, in fact, the price Recon paid for being too eager to launch their augmented reality sunglasses before the Google Glass hits the market.

Despite the shortcomings, Recon’s Pilot Edition sunglasses are no deal breaker as it allows buyers to add the additional functionality through a software update once they are ready.

The similarities between Google Glass and Recon’s Pilot Edition sunglasses end in the fact that they both run Android. The Recon Jet sunglasses allows wearers to monitor their health and other related statistics such as heart rate, time, distance traveled, speed, pace, vertical ascent and cadence. And these are just a few metrics to name.

Dan Eisenhardt, the CEO of Recon Instruments points out that the product’s response has already exceeded their expectations. The first edition and the SKD, which is soon-to-be-released, will help them to understand the scope of apps that they can develop for Recon Jet. And once these augmented reality sunglasses hits the retail market the price is likely to increase at least by $100 than its present offering price.

Recon Jet sunglasses are expected to ship in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan between December 2013 and early 2014.

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