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Augmented Reality Technology from TheMagicTouch

Augmented Reality Technology from TheMagicTouch

TheMagicTouch introduced their augmented reality technology at Fespa 2013. This technology adds an innovative way for viewing images and designs on promotional products and T-Shirts.

TheMagicTouch has been working in the domain of digital image transfer process for more than 20 years and has pioneered the process. It offers various transfer papers for complete color decoration of textiles, garments, and several other promotional items. The company showed something completely different and fun this year.

The Managing Director of the company, Jim Nicol, said “AR technology can best be described as a QR code on steroids! It offers the user a unique experience whilst viewing a printed design and really adds a new dimension to the promotions and garment decoration industry.”

They printed around 900 shirts within 5 days at the show. And all the shirts feature a bespoke design, which was printed by using the WoW transfer paper. This paper included an embedded code that is unlocked with the help of a downloadable app from your smartphone or tablet. The augmented reality app instantly launches into the interactive visual and bespoke video message.

The company specially prepared this message for the Fespa 2013 show and it features David Cameron, Barack Obama, and several other TMT supporters. The users can update their video content using this augmented reality technology, which also helps in extending the product life over a longer period. The company allows the users to directly link this AR experience to popular social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, considering the growing importance of social media and social sharing.

TheMagicTouch is known for their affordable dark garment decoration and their new TMT/OKI printers include custom-made software called ‘Space Control’, which helps in total color control as well as in transfer management. All kind of TMT transfer papers can be used for their white toner innovation. This further helps in full color printing on various different surfaces such as leather, garments, glass, ceramics, wood, metal, PU folders, and POS Board. In fact, this technology also allows full color printing on human skin.

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