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Blippar Unveils Visual Browser to Augment Real-World Objects

Blippar Unveils Visual Browser to Augment Real-World Objects

The SXSW Interactive saw some great innovations which can be beneficial to the consumers in many ways. Blippar, the augmented reality and image recognition platform has also made some innovations at SXSW. The company has showcased the first-ever mobile visual search capacity on 14th March, 2015, at South by Southwest, which is being held in Austin. The original Blippar app has been re-launched with this version which will let users interact with their physical world in a different and much better way.

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How Visual Browser Works?

The Blippar app acts as the visual browser using which users can see any object through their mobile device’s camera and activate digital search. This will also bring them information directly in front of their eyes. This new ability of the Blippar app will be first available in English-language music album covers, DVD covers, movie posters and fiction books. These will be made blippable by the company.

As a user blipps any of these images or items, he/she will get considerable relevant information immediately.  For instance, if the users blipp a music album cover, they might be able to access videos of the band, their social feeds, a source to buy concert tickets or even photos of the band.

This visual search engine by Blippar is net neutral. The exact sources of data will be displayed on an intuitive user interface within the app. With the accuracy and speed of the platform, users will be able to blip and gain information even faster than conventional web search. There will be no delay. The location-based predictive computing of the platform uses artificial intelligence and learning to process and customize the visual search results for every user.


First Step by Blippar

This visual search is the first step by Blippar in its mission to build the physical world searchable visually, using wearables and mobile devices. In the coming days, Blippar will gradually make everything blippable, right from a chocolate bar to the Eiffel Tower.

Ambarish Mitra, the Blippar Founder and CEO said “The human imagination, curiosity and the quest for knowledge are all often limited by our capacity to define and assign language to describe and seek answers from the world around us. Today marks the beginning of a new era of search, where curious users will be able to visually search the world through the lens of the Blippar app. The technology holds massive potential for enriching real world experiences and delivering genuine value to our users. The visual search is not replacing text-based search, it’s an alternate behaviour which satisfies people’s spontaneous needs of instant object focused curiosity, therefore introducing the light web.”

Blippar will bring products to life using interactive experiences and by working closely with different agencies and brands. Users will be able to download the updated Blippar app for Android and iOS from April 2015.

What about you?

Are you eagerly waiting for the visual browser? Will you download the new Blippar app? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image & Article Source – blog.blippar.com

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