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Drones to Use Augmented Reality in Future

Drones to Use Augmented Reality in Future

Drones have now become a reality and the cameras that are placed in them provide you with images which already exist. You will get real-time video, showing the current situations of any place. For instance, a drone flying over a city will show bridges, skyscrapers and people moving around, whereas, a drone flying over a forest will show bushes, trees and sometimes animals. However, now drones will move a step ahead with Sysveo, the drone-building company. They are developing drones which will let you view things that you would like in that place. All this will be possible with augmented reality.

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Software to Allow inclusion of Augmented Reality in Drones

Sysveo is developing software that would allow the inclusion of augmented reality 3D images in the videos the drones shoot, while they hover over a certain place. The use of this technology in drones can have many applications. One of the potential applications could be using it in building projects where it could be seen how they would like after development. If you want to see how a new house would look like in the neighborhood, you could fly the drone over that location and get the view in augmented reality. A live video having a realistic model of your design will be sent back to you. The construction sector could find this software in the drone useful. It is still in its early stage.

According to Clement Alaguillaume, the CEO of Sysveo, “Architects could easily use this for creating a real-time simulation of the building they designed, and see it on the ground. And they could take real-time decisions without going back to their office, as they could make as many simulations as they want with the drone.”

Covering the news, Engadget stated “French drone manufacturer Sy​sveo has announced that it is developing a unique, software-based visualization system for UAVs that will provide pilots an augmented reality view — specifically, a 3D image — atop the existing video feed. The pilot simply has to navigate the drone to a specific GPS location for the AR image to appear.”

How will it Work?

The users of the drone can upload the images they want the drone to superimpose over the real world in a “graphic library.” A drone which is equipped with the software will explore a certain location known by the users and tap into the library to draw the images.

An important benefit that can be obtained by combining augmented reality and drones is that there is not much innovation which is included in the drone technology as such. Alaguillaume said “There’s no hardware component to our project. Everything happens at the software level, through complex algorithms.”

The product will be released as open-source software. This means that the software can be modified to work on a range of different drones. Alaguillaume said “We use professional drones, but the software could also work on cheaper ones. The idea is that you could use this with any drone you have.”

The funding for this idea is received from the European Space Agency and the patent for distributing images from a robot moving in a pre-decided space is held by the space agency of CNES France.

What do you think?

What’s your thought on this? Do you think this will be a useful innovation in the use of drones? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – youtube.com

Article Source – engadget.com


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