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Fujitsu Unveils Augmented Reality Headset at the Mobile World Congress

Fujitsu Unveils Augmented Reality Headset at the Mobile World Congress

Fujitsu, the Japanese provider of IT-based solutions to the global market, has made its presence felt at the Mobile World Congress by unveiling a working prototype of its new augmented reality headset. The company believes that augmented reality could make it big in manufacturing and mechanics in the future. They have revealed that with their headset, these applications would be available as early as this year. So, what will this headset provide its users? Let us check out this post to know more.

Specifications of the AR Headset

The headset developed by Fujitsu has a small display that sits in the user’s field of vision, a microphone, a camera and two speakers. The display creates the augmented reality effect which the users experience after wearing the device. In the demonstration, Fujitsu showed the use of the device to locate the right part so that repairs could be made on a car engine. It also showed where the part would fit so that the user could do his/her work easily. Even if the user goes hands-free, with AR, specific instructions are displayed which the users can see.

According to the company, manual laborers could use the technology to reduce the time it takes to complete the tasks and also cut down their mistakes.


How Does it Work?

Bluetooth, Miracast and Wi-Fi direct is used by the head mounted display to connect with the companion app and control pad which is arm mounted. The control pad has large buttons and is designed in such a way that workers can use their dirty hands without damaging their phone. In the demonstration that was given at the event, a worker used the control pad to enter his ID number so that he could login and start working.

Fujitsu explained that for the headset to work, it has to be paired up with the app which is right now available for Android devices. Plans are there to develop apps for Windows Phone and iOS devices.

The prototype depends on QR tags to detect the world around it and offer relevant AR instructions. The company said that in the future, the hardware of the device would be able to find out objects and do the tasks without using QR codes. The technology will also be able to record things that are being done and the data can be fed back to the employer. The information may range to simple ones to video recordings of the job.

The augmented reality headset is expected to be available in Japan, the US and Europe in the third quarter of 2015 and the company says that its cost will be “the same as a home computer.”

What do you think?

Do you think this augmented reality headset will be different than the others? Do you know about other AR devices which can be used in manufacturing? Share your views in the comments below.

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