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Glyph- Your Personal Mobile Theater

Glyph- Your Personal Mobile Theater

Glyph, which made its debut in this year’s CES, is a virtual reality headset which can convert into your personal mobile theater whenever you like. The best thing about this headset is that you can wear it as a normal headphone when you are not in the mood of watching any videos. It even operates as a normal headset. You can switch the headband in non-video mode just by pulling it down over your eyes to turn it into a fully functional video screen. You can then watch TV shows, movies, play video games or connect it to other media using HDMI cable.

How does it Work?

Users of this headset do not need to look at an OLED or LCD through the lenses for watching the movies. With the help of Virtual Retina Display (VRD), the Glyph headset projects the images directly onto the retina of the users. This is done by combining millions of micro mirrors and special optics. These extremely tiny mirrors reflect the images back on the retina, thus producing a quality which is apparently vivid and crisp. Users can view images equivalent of an 80 inch screen from 8 ft away. Users will be able to get a 45 degree field of vision in the front.

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The company behind the Innovation

Avegant is the company behind this innovation. They have created the Glyph with the intention of entering the rising market of devices which enhance the personal viewing experience of the users. According to the Avegant, head of marketing and product strategy, Grant Martin, they are supplying an image of high quality right in front of the users’ eyes instead of showing a pixelated screen 3 ft away from them. The virtual reality headset will come at a price of $499.

Kickstarter Campaign

A Kickstarter campaign has already started from 22nd January. Those who support this campaign will get a beta version of Glyph in March, which will be lighter in weight. Avegant’s primary funding goal was $250,000. But at the time of funding, the company had raised $929,000, more than three times its goal. The campaign will close on 21st February.

Time will be able to tell, whether it will move past Oculus Rift or other virtual reality headsets. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment.

Image Source – www.buro247.com

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