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InstaGallery- AR Prototype to View Instagram Images

InstaGallery- AR Prototype to View Instagram Images

When it’s image sharing, we are talking about, nothing can beat Instagram. We are often guilty of spending more than our required time browsing through the images of our friends and family. It is similar to a digital art museum. Imagine walking through the museum and viewing the images as a featured exhibit! Well, impossible, you say! We say, no longer, for those who have the InstaGallery app! You can now see your Instagram images in augmented reality using this app. Know more about this app in the following post:

Brains Behind the App
ISL, an award-winning digital agency, has reportedly developed an AR app called InstaGallery which will let users experience augmented reality as they browse through Instagram images. This functional AR prototype has been developed using a mix of the ARKit framework, custom Cinema 4D-generated assets and the Instagram API. According to Associate Director of Marketing at ISL, Josh Strupp, InstaGallery is a functional AR prototype and will take users to a digital museum which will feature a selected Instagram user’s most liked pictures.

How Does the App Work?
The app is currently available only for iOS users. To view the Instagram images in augmented reality, users have to “open the iOS app, detect a surface and enter the gallery.” The top 6 photos of the user are pulled by the app and displayed in 3D golden frames. An old photo is dynamically replaced by the app with a newer and popular one if a new post makes it to the top 6. Android users still have to wait till the app is developed for Android devices.

ISL had developed many AR prototypes in 2017. InstaGallery is one of them. The digital agency now has plans to develop more apps similar to Instagallery. The apps will have augmented reality features in them.

So, iOS users, get ready to enjoy the world of augmented reality in Instagram.

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