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Here Comes an Augmented Reality Interface for your Audi

Here Comes an Augmented Reality Interface for your Audi

MIT Media Lab teamed up with Audi to display augmented reality use cases in real life for automotive industry. They have developed the Reality Editor Interface. With this new tool, drivers will be able to interact and connect with their car in an interactive way. The functionality of the physical objects can be manipulated by the users using the Reality Editor Interface.

For instance, in case of a vehicle, a driver can control his vehicle just by pointing his smartphone’s camera at any object.

Use of The Reality Editor in Audi

MIT had the aim of creating a technology which provides the user maximum control of any object. The process makes use of the ability to manipulate objects using their muscle memory and spatial coordination.

In Audi, the Interface can be used in different ways. If a driver wants to turn on the light in their car, they can do so before entering it using this technology. With the tool, the driver can point at the car and just draw a line so that the lights can be turned on. As the command is recorded, the driver can make the action as many times he wants.

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Use Beyond Cars

The same technology can be used for a user’s office or home. Valentin Huen, project lead said “in our research, we identified simple universal rules common to all physical objects (Direct Mapping; Learn, Setup and Operate; How to connect everything). The Reality Editor is built upon the rules of these actions, allowing you to place intuitive and powerful technology into the hands of the person using it.”

HTML5 is the basis of the visual interface. It allows the app to change the web-browsing technologies which are used to show the content the user is seeing, into an interface for the physical space, asset or object. A set of coding standards develop the connection between objects.

Companies can download the Reality Editor from the App Store and can develop their own integrations using Open Hybrid, the open-source platform for the project. The next generation of high-tech products can be created with these tools.

With the Reality Editor, Audi drivers, can just point their mobile’s camera on their vehicles and create different control commands and drive them based on the commands.  So, wait for an interactive driving experience in the near future.

What do you think?

What’s your take on the use of augmented reality in Audi? Are you going to try it out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source : fluid.media.mit.edu

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