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Augmented Reality Could Replace Physical Screens: Magic Leap

Augmented Reality Could Replace Physical Screens: Magic Leap

Augmented reality has the potential to replace physical screens like smartphones and smartwatches in the future, According to Magic Leap’s CEO and founder Rony Abovitz. In a Reddit’s session of “Ask Me Anything” on Tuesday morning, the CEO predicted that his company’s technology, in which a digital light field is projected into a user’s eye to develop realistic images over the real world, will replace smartphones in the future.

Abovitz said “We believe that people may want to use this new form of computing as much, if not more than their mobile device.”

More Light on Magic Leap’s Technology

Though Magic Leap had kept its technology mostly under wraps, recently, a post in MIT Technology Review threw some light on what we can expect from this technology. The author wrote in the post that Magic Leap “has a tiny projector that shines light onto a transparent lens, which deflects the light onto the retina. That pattern of light blends in so well with the light you’re receiving from the real world that to your visual cortex, artificial objects are nearly indistinguishable from actual objects.”

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It is clear that the technology will be used in entertainment and gaming. With the Reddit session more light was thrown on the technology as Abovitz answered questions of different Reddit users. He said that this technology will become integral for consumer interaction in their everyday life.

He said “Everyday computing will be amazing on our platform — and we are in talks with all kinds of app and experience developers, including social, mapping, productivity, creation, communication.”

According to Abovitz there will be a “transition period” in which some users will leave their smartphones for the headset. The headset is described as a “glasses-like wearable device.” He added that eventually screen will become outdated.

On the question by a Reddit user “In a world with Magic Leap, is there a need for physical screens? Laptops, smartphones or even smartwatches?” his instant reply was no.

The role of science-fiction author Neal Stephenson in Magic Leap, was also described by him. Abovitz said that Stephenson is helping the team to create the developer experience and building connections with people “who are living the future we want to build.” He added “I pinch myself everytime (sic) I sign off on a Neal Stephenson expense report — so mundane and sci-fi at the same moment.”

Though Abovitz is set to be a speaker at the TED next month, but the chances of any grand unveiling can be ruled out right now.

We can just expect that the device Magic Leap is working on, will be revealed gradually to us.

Do you think Magic Leap can replace smartphones? Will you try out the device when it is finally made available to the consumers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – techcrunch.com

Article Source – forbes.com


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