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Metaio Triumphs in 2013 Volkswagen Augmented Reality Tracking Challenge

Metaio Triumphs in 2013 Volkswagen Augmented Reality Tracking Challenge

Metaio wins the 2013 Volkswagen Augmented Reality Tracking Competition. The company competed with three other European teams last month and has won by excelling in 2 tracking scenarios out of the total four. They were successful in “Tracking in various lighting conditions” and “Tracking changes to a vehicle’s interior” scenarios.

Tracking includes the ability to recognize as well as overlay/ attach digital content continuously to a real-world object while it moves through space. In fact, it is one of the most significant aspects of augmented reality technology.

The Augmented Reality Tracking Competition of Volkswagen began to evaluate the best available technology for the industrial and high-precision environments. To win this award, Metaio had to compete with research firms and universities on various criteria like robustness, accuracy and practicality.

This Tracking Challenge featured an unknown environment. Participants had to utilize their respective AR technology in that environment to find their way out with a device camera that featured visual search engines and image processing algorithms to help them to identify different positions and features in real-time as well as overlay them with the virtual data.

The challenge was split into four scenarios this year. Participants had to deal “with the marker-less tracking under varying lighting conditions”. Besides, the participating AR firms had to transfer the tracking data to new vehicles. Other two scenarios include “Tracking changes to the vehicle interior” and “Tracking based on virtual data”.

In 2014, Volkswagen will once again renew their Augmented Reality Tracking Challenge with new objectives and scenarios.

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