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Microsoft HoloLens to be Available Next Year

Microsoft HoloLens to be Available Next Year

Ever since its announcement, Microsoft HoloLens has been generating immense hype. Now, according to the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, developers might be able to get their hands on this headset within next year. In a recent interview with the BBC, Nadella provided the first timeline for the release of HoloLens. He said that the augmented reality headset is on a “five-year journey” in which it will be first launched for developers, then for business users and finally for consumers.

So if you are a consumer, don’t get your hopes too high. The price or the process through which the HoloLens will be available is not yet known.

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Consumer Version Still in the Distant Future

Nadella said in the interview “We will have developer versions of it first, and then it’ll be more commercial use cases, and it’ll evolve. This is a five-year journey, but we’re looking forward to getting a V1 out, which is more around developers and enterprises. It’s in the windows 10 time frame, which means that it is within the next year.”

Based on this statement, it seems like the consumer version is still a thing of the distant future. However, we can expect to get the developer version and even the business version pretty soon.

No particular timeframe has been provided as to when the HoloLens will be released.

Gaming not the Initial Focus

If we go by Nadella’s statement, we will see that there is no mention of gaming. However, when HoloLens was demonstrated at this year’s E3 convention, one of the popular use cases for it was augmented reality gaming. This doesn’t mean that the AR headset won’t have gaming as a feature. It just won’t be the main focus, or we can say gaming might not be the preliminary focus of the device.

In a July interview with ZDNet, Nadella had said “In general Microsoft‘s approach will be always this dual-use focus, or this multi-focus. What we can uniquely do is bridge consumer to enterprise. That’s in our DNA. That’s why it’s even in our mission statement of empowering people and organizations. I want every technology of ours to seek that out. In the HoloLens case, when I look at the interest, it’s amazing how many are in hospitals, healthcare, retail. That’s where I’m seeing the interest and we’ll definitely go after it.”

Once the device releases for the developers, it will give the consumers an idea what they can expect from it.

What about you?

Are you eagerly waiting for the release of Microsoft HoloLens? Do you think it will be a successful one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Article Source – pcmag.com

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