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And Pepsi Max Does it Again!

And Pepsi Max Does it Again!

Pepsi Max has now become a champion in shocking the wits out of common unsuspecting people with their interactive ads. Yet again they have pulled a prank on London commuters. This time their place of action was a tunnel at the London Bridge. Earlier, the company had created two augmented reality campaigns, one for the bus stop in Oxford Street, London and another for a London cinema, on the occasion of Halloween.

So, what was the prank that was played this time?

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Time Tunnel Stunt

Commuters taking the short cut through a tunnel at London Bridge were shocked when they saw lights flickering and a roaring dinosaur come to life in front of them. With full lighting and sound effects, they got the scare of their life. The AR dinosaur was one of the scariest things which were there in the display. Some commuters were treated to other scary augmented things like a cyborg in action and a flying cab.

This is the latest installment of the “Unbelievable” campaign of Pepsi Max which has gone live online from 5th December.

The Set Up

A fine gauze partition was used and stretched inside the tunnel to be used as a screen and projectors were used to project the animations on that screen. The set dressing along with the lighting and the viewpoint of the audience made it possible to hide the actual technology which was behind the effects. This gave the innocent audience of the brand’s campaign, a feeling that they have tripped across a giant gateway taking them to a different space-time.

The ad was conceived by AMV BBDO, a creative agency based in the UK. The responses and the experience were recorded for an online film called the ‘Time Tunnel’, which is now available on the YouTube channel of Pepsi Max. HSI/Grand Visual is the company behind the production.

The Unbelievable Channel which has videos of people doing many unbelievable things is a part of the “Live for Now” strategy of Pepsi Max.

At the time of writing, the video has already garnered more than 1,460,000 views.

What about you?

Have you experienced the latest campaign of Pepsi Max? Do you love their augmented reality campaigns? Share your views in the comments below.

Image & Article Source – thedrum.com


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