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Augmented Reality HUDs for Soldiers Performs Better Than Expected

Augmented Reality HUDs for Soldiers Performs Better Than Expected

The augmented reality head-up displays (HUDs) which were created for soldiers surpassed all expectations and performed even better when they were tested by US military researchers. The Q-Warrior helmets, as the AR head-up displays for soldiers are called, have been developed by BAE Systems. They are similar to the displays which are used by jet pilots and have been developed to identify waypoints and targets in a better way. So, how can this Q-Warrior helmet be helpful for the soldiers? Let’s check out.

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Q-Warrior- The augmented reality HUD

The awareness of the situation the user is in, is improved with Q-Warrior. This is possible because ‘eyes-out’ information is displayed to the user which includes potential threats, warnings and other textual information. The augmented reality helmet consists of a see-through head-up display which has a high resolution. With the help of this display, the soldiers get to see different information which is embedded in the real world environment.

As per the belief of BAE Systems, awareness of the soldiers will improve significantly with the use of this helmet. There are other vital features of this wonderful AR head-up display. Some of them include tracking ability of assets as well as military personnel, improved information on routing and waypoints and improved vision at night.

Use of the AR helmet

The AR helmet will be preliminarily used by section commanders and if it finds success, it might be used as a standard part of the military equipment in the future.

For the short term, Q-Warrior will be in maximum demand in areas where situational awareness is necessary and the prompt adoption of this technology will provide a distinct advantage to the users. The AR head-up display will find its use more likely in non-traditional military units which have investigation units like the Joint Tactical Aircraft Controllers (JTACS) or the Forward Air Controllers. It is also most likely to be used by Special Forces when they are involved in counter terrorist responsibilities.

Even though this AR device is being compared to the devices which are generally seen in films like Iron Man, this helmet is quite different. It does not have unconquerable ability, but is definitely a step forward in technology which can help the specialist soldiers of the next generation.

Image Source – eandt.theiet.org 

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