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SeeSpace InAir brings World First AR TV Experience

SeeSpace InAir brings World First AR TV Experience

Till now you had heard or seen about AR on smart devices. But now, you will be able to experience augmented reality technology in television as well. SeeSpace InAir brings you the world’s first AR TV experience. Unveiled at CES, InAir will turn your TV set into an amazing medium which will provide rich information from the Internet. Your TV screen will be used to layer additional data from social media and the Web. Either 3D television or any standard 2D television set can be used for InAir to work properly. Read on to know more about this latest innovation.

How does this Work?

When you plug InAir into your TV set, it gets activated in 3D mode. Then the Internet content layers appear in front of the screen and the users can dynamically operate the content. The information layers float ‘in air’ and appear as holograms. Users often multitask at a given time; they watch TV, surf the net and also share information through social networks. This single viewing experience is possible with a centralized platform, which is provided by InAir. When you are watching something on TV, it is identified by InAir. Now when you demand more information, it will automatically show relevant content on the Web and social networks. This content is processed and placed in a layer format in front of your TV screen in real time. Information on any sports, movie, news or documentary that you are watching is readily placed in front of you.

Quality Matters

SeeSpace has given importance to the quality of the output that the viewers will get. They have tried to provide a rich experience to the users with smooth animation, simple and clean graphics and easy layering. The interface designed is really simple to use and works with gestures- hand gestures and touch gestures that are used for smartphones.

Easy to Install

It is really easy to install. A Wi-Fi functionality is integrated which allows automatic connection to your existing Wi-Fi network. A Smart TV is not needed to experience this augmented reality technology. This cable can help in connecting a traditional TV with the Internet so that additional content is received through the Wi-Fi of InAir. You also do not need any additional electrical outlet as InAir is powered through the USB which is connected to the set top box.

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Navigating InAir content

The content in front of the screen can be navigated using touch gestures and hand gesture. In case of touch gestures, you can convert your tablet, smartphone or smart watch into a remote control using the InAir app, available in Android, iOS and Windows. The screen will act as a trackpad. In case of hand gestures, when the cable is combined with Leap Motion or Kinect, users can operate the content screen.


InAir is a HDMI cable which you just need to plug between your TV set and the set top box. As mentioned earlier, no complicated process is involved; the cable automatically connects to Wi-Fi. You just need to plug and play.

It is yet to be available for consumers.

Image Source – kickstarter.com

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