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Skoda Brings Fabia to Life with Augmented Reality Campaign

Skoda Brings Fabia to Life with Augmented Reality Campaign

The use of augmented reality technology has increased significantly in the auto mobile market. Skoda, the Czech Republic based auto manufacturer is the latest to join the bandwagon. You can catch all the action of Skoda’s new campaign at the London Waterloo Station. They are running a campaign to promote their latest model Skoda Fabia. The campaign will run for one week and uses augmented reality to bring the model to life on Europe’s largest advertising screen. The campaign will run till Friday and daily commuters will be able to interact with model in different ways.

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Experiencing the Fabia with Augmented Reality

In this outdoor marketing campaign, people who pass by the Skoda stand at the Waterloo Station will get a chance to use the green touch-screen display provided there and customize their own version of Skoda Fabia. You can select different looks for your car and see the results being displayed on the screen in real time.

There are 14 different colors to choose from, for giving your Fabia model the perfect color. There are five interiors and 3 concepts from which you can make your choice. Buyers will get the option to customize their Fabia from 90 different designs. The aim is to provide the participants with an immersive and fun user experience.

Companies behind the Campaign

The campaign has been created with the partnership of different companies. Skoda teamed up with MediaCom, a marketing company, JCDecaux, outdoor advertising specialists and Enigma, a digital agency for this Augmented Reality campaign. The visual effects for the advertisement were created by Happy Finish, a global creative production studio.

The co-founder of Enigma, Andrew Newman, said “For this campaign we’re fusing real-time augmented reality technology with a specially designed app that buyers the freedom of expression to create their own Fabia from 90 different variations.”

“In this world-first, members of the public will have the chance to design their own car from scratch in real time as easily as if they were in a video game. This truly expresses the art of customer control as their enjoyment remains at the centre of this event as we see their creation literally build around them on Europe’s largest advertising screen.”

So, if you want to experience the augmented campaign of Fabia, head down to the Waterloo Station and enjoy all the fun.

What about you?

Will you be going to the Waterloo Station to experience this augmented reality campaign by Skoda? Do you know about other auto manufacturers that have used augmented reality? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – carrosnitrados.net

Article source – thedrum.com

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