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Augmented Reality Device for Surgical Activities Gets FDA Approval

Augmented Reality Device for Surgical Activities Gets FDA Approval

Digital health applications have now become a common thing in healthcare. Other industries like the aviation industry have also played an important role in the advancement of the medical sector. The medical device startup, Surgical Theater got the inspiration of creating augmented reality device from flight simulators. These devices have been developed to assist physicians prepare for surgeries. The main aim behind this innovation is to make complex surgeries easier and more successful. Its Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP) has received clearance from Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which will now make surgical procedures even better.

Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP)

As FDA has cleared the SNAP, this platform can now officially help surgeons perform vascular or brain surgeries. Based on the MRI or CT scan of the patient, the surgeons will get the guidance on finding out the most efficient and safest way to remove brain tumors. They will be able to study each crucial step before actually trying them out.

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Surgeons are able to plan and simulate possible scenarios with the help of augmented reality. If they want to have a view of what is behind the arteries, they can make the relevant image semi-transparent or rotate it accordingly.

After the FDA clearance, the University Hospitals Case Medical Center is going to add this AR platform as an integrated surgery device.

Surgical Theater had first developed a pre-surgery simulation device known as the Surgical Rehearsal Platform before it developed SNAP and now it is developing a platform which will help perform spine surgeries.

Surgical Simulators- A Helpful Tool for Surgeons

Software developers like Immersive Touch, Simbionix, etc. have produced surgical simulators, which have become necessary tools for surgeons. Future surgeons will find this technology really helpful as it can create an effective way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the technique the students are using. This will help them to easily perform different types of surgeries. With surgical simulators they have to rely less on animals for practicing surgeries. This will reduce the medical errors that occur while performing surgeries, to some extent.

So, with the use of augmented reality device, it can be hoped that the rate of success in surgeries will be higher than before.

What do you say?

Do you think SNAP can reduce surgical errors? Do you consider it safe if surgeons rely on augmented reality devices while carrying out their surgeries? Look forward to your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – www.medgadget.com

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