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Tattoo Becomes Super Cool with Augmented Reality

Tattoo Becomes Super Cool with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can make things even more interesting with its interactive feature. Apart from its use in different sectors like medical, real estate, education and more, now it can be used for tattoos. Yes, you read that right! If you love tattoos and are looking for something different to add to your tattoo, you can now get one with augmented reality feature in it. Isn’t that cool?

There were augmented reality tattoos earlier which worked only when you had to get bar codes or QR codes tattooed along with your desired tattoo. That would look really awful. But, now Sutu, the Australian comic creator has got an interactive tattoo which will work without any codes.

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Modern Polaxis Comic

Sutu had created an augmented reality comic book last year, called the Modern Polaxis. This book was an experiment in combining digital media with comics. A Kickstarter campaign was run to raise funds for the AR comic.

The story was of a paranoid time traveler. Printed just like a conventional comic, this book had a digital integration with augmented reality. Readers could find secret animations and messages that were hidden in the pages of the book by using the free companion iOS app. This was done using the Boomcore AR technology which was created by Sutu in partnership with Lukasz Karluk, a designer.

The technology mixes image recognition which is integrated to certain pages and panels in the comic book, with real-time animation mapping. Comic reading will get even more fascinating with Modern Polaxis.

The Interactive Tattoo

Now, the addition is a slick augmented reality tattoo. Sutu got the tattoo of the character in his comic book on his arm. It looked exactly like one of the scenes from his book. The transfer from the page to the human skin did not cause any change in the effect of augmented reality technology.

It is believed that the illustrations in the book are codes and when one of them was tattooed on Sutu’s arm, the AR app recognized the tattoo as one from the comic book and on scanning it, the augmented reality effects were triggered.

What about you?

Are you going to get an augmented reality tattoo? Do you think augmented reality can be used in other areas to make it more interesting? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Article Source – cnet.com

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