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Telepathy One to Compete Google Glass

Telepathy One to Compete Google Glass

It seems Google Glass is in for a real competition!

Takahito Iguchi, a Tokyo-based entrepreneur has developed a wearable computing device much like Google Glass. Telepathy One, as this device is called includes a micro-projection screen and a built-in camera. It features a sleek and wraparound design. And now the best part, wearable computing device seems to be a cheaper alternative of Google’s revolutionary patent.

At a New York press conference Iguchi demonstrated two prototypes of this wearable computing device. The screen of this head-mounted device aligns with the right eye of the wearer and the ear buds provide audio as well as hold this augmented reality device onto the wearer’s head. This device is surprisingly lightweight. According to Iguchi, the main purpose of this augmented reality headset is to share videos and intimate moments easily in real time. However, the demonstrations did not support the audio or camera functionality.

The first prototype of Telepathy One showcased the first augmented reality app called Manga Camera. This is a popular Japanese photo app, which has been downloaded over six million times. This augmented reality app converts your images into animated comic strips and then streamed to virtual display screen of Telepathy through Bluetooth. With the second prototype, Iguchi and his team of developers demonstrated Telepathy’s ability of displaying text messages on screen.

As of now this wearable computing device includes only these two augmented reality applications; however, Iguchi and his team will be meeting various developers in the coming days for brainstorming other unique ways to use their headset.

According to Iguchi, Telepathy is still in its “baby stages” as the company itself was launched last January. At present, there are very less amount of streaming services and cost information is available. Nevertheless, Iguchi announced that the company is planning to finalize the last steps associated with this wearable computing device and launch Telepathy before the end of the year. He also added that the price of this smart device, though it is not yet decided, will be below the cost of Google Glass.

Image Source – alleywatch.com

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