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Objects Turn into Touch-Sensitive Visual Display with AR

Objects Turn into Touch-Sensitive Visual Display with AR

The use of augmented reality in different types of wearable and mobile devices has increased in the last couple of years. But human beings often interact with this technology with a voice command. Now companies are trying to find out other alternatives which will make AR-human interaction possible. Metaio has worked on an alternative and has created a thermal imaging –driven user interface by combining augmented reality with Thermal Touch technology. This will turn any physical object into a touch screen having visual effects.

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Thermal Touch Technology

A pair of cameras, one standard and another infrared, is featured by the Thermal Touch and it runs on a PC tablet. As the user touches the screen of the tablet, it leaves a heat signature. This is read and interpreted as the user’s selection by Metaio’s software. It lets the users physically play chess on a table with a tablet connecting the two players, the table and the game. Users can also touch a toy car and the tablet can create different visual effects that come out from the toy vehicle.

This technology also solves a problem which is commonly faced by users while handling touch screens. When they try to navigate using touch, the smartphones or tablets often read them improperly and take the users to a different place.

Potential Uses of the Technology

According to Peter Meier the CTO of Metaio, they have developed Thermal Touch to provide a natural and suitable interface which will help in the navigation of tomorrow’s technology.

There are many possibilities of using Thermal Touch. You might be able to push directions to your device just by touching a static map in a shopping mall, airport or building complex. Digital content might be launched directly from children’s toys. Design professionals might be able to visualize their 3D creations on top of their real world complements. Even service technicians might be able to get information just by touching an object in physical world. These are some of the potential uses of the new innovation of Metaio.

However, Metaio has made it clear that Thermal Touch is now just a prototype and it might take quite some years till it can be actually used. During this time, other sensors and technology could come into being and the interactivity of augmented reality might diminish. But, Thermal Touch can create a future where augmented reality won’t need to depend on apps for working.

What do you say?

Do you think Thermal Touch combined with AR will bring about a good change? Are you familiar with Metaio’s AR browser Junaio? Have you used it? Look forward to your insights on this in the comments below.

Image Source – news.softpedia.com

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