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Top Five Augmented Reality Trends 2013

Top Five Augmented Reality Trends 2013

Augmented reality is gradually becoming a mass technology in various domains of our daily life. We got a great glimpse on some of the augmented reality trends that will rule the market in future at the Augmented World Expo 2013 that held in Santa Clara, California on 4-5 June.

The following are some of the top augmented reality trends that will emerge from this New Age technology:

Eye wear: With augmented reality products like Google Glass and Apple’s iGlass, the revolution of Eye Wear is just about to hit the market. This will gear up the wheels of the new eye-wear industry, which has the game changing potential thanks to the AR technology. This is one of the most noticeable augmented reality trends that emerged from the Expo. Brands like Epson and Google have already entered the AR eye-wear market and other market players like eMagin and Vuzix have also displayed their latest AR developments. Besides, new companies such as Meta are also doing nice things backed by the eye-wear pioneer Steve Mann. During his speech, Steve Mann introduced the differences between 1st generation and next-generation glasses. This was discussed all through the Expo in formal as well as informal sessions. Here, Google Glass was described as the early stage of the 1st generation glasses. The sessions also included topics such as the ethical and legal implications of using the augmented glasses in public places.

Software and hardware integration: This was another top augmented reality trend observed at the Expo. The first applications linking augmented reality together with remotely controlled devices was said to be born here with Sphero by Orbotix. This is one of the top augmented reality trends 2013 that will take off in the near future.

Mobile AR Apps: Mobile AR is definitely one of the hottest augmented reality trends 2013, which will drive the entire AR industry in the future. In fact, Mobile AR has already been driving the augmented reality industry for the past few years. Brands such as Metaio and Qualcomm featured their AR technology and services at the Expo. Wikitude too launched a tool that helped to create content with their platform. Finally, Seac 02 showcased that AR Code application designed for communication and marketing campaigns.

Gaming: SmarTech Markets and Publishing opines that entertainment and gaming industry is one of the first sectors to generate revenue for the AR industry in the coming years. Various interesting research applications were also showcased at the Expo including UC Davis Sandbox, ARpool and Sphero

Next steps in augmented reality technology: Almost all the exhibitors at the Augmented World Expo 2013 demonstrated SLAM tracking and 2D NFT techniques. Some of them also used depth cameras for demonstrating the changing behavior patterns in a system and how it could be identified and tracked. Players like Inglobe Technologies and Metaio showcased their 3D trackers for the tracking technology.

Mark Billinghurst presentation synthesized the overall challenge emerging from the conference, which is the ability to design technology to create useful and natural augmented reality application for users in the real world.

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