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ULTRA-Vis- An AR HUD for Soldiers

ULTRA-Vis- An AR HUD for Soldiers

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has developed the ULTRA-Vis, an augmented reality heads-up display (HUD) system for soldiers. The system is similar to the ones that jet fighter pilots use while they tour the skies. ULTRA-Vis is the acronym for Urban Leader Tactical Response, Awareness & Visualization. It can show data about the present location to the user, which will help the user to find out a friend from a foe and also the target of the mission even in the battlefield.

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The prototype of ULTRA-Vis was displayed at the DARPA Demo Day.  The device projects data over the user’s natural line of view through a holographic display. There are motion sensors installed in it, which helps in tracking the head movements of the users. The GPS in the HUD system helps in knowing about the location of the users. There are fixed markers which are projected over the real world locations that the users are able to see. These markers stay there even if the user looks in any other direction and looks back. The fixed markers are really helpful for soldiers as they can mark their target when their mission starts.

The ULTRA-Vis can display the required information to the military without blocking their vision. This is an essential necessity by the US army and is the best thing about the system. Unlike Google Glass, users won’t have to look up at an angle which will strain their eye.

ULTRA-Vis as a Communication Tool

Apart from being used as a HUD, ULTRA-Vis can also be used as a communication tool. Soldiers can communicate with their home base, fellow soldiers and other troops in the areas like air support. The device can also show videos taken by set up machine drones. This lets the user to see beyond what they can see with their naked eye.

The prototype of the ULTRA-Vis will take quite some time till it is ready for production. It is likely to undergo more changes before the device is actually deployed for use by the soldiers of the US army.

What do you think?

Do you think the ULTRA-Vis augmented reality HUD will be really helpful for the soldiers in the US army? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – breakingdefense.com

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