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Varia Vision- A New Augmented Reality Display for Cyclists

Varia Vision- A New Augmented Reality Display for Cyclists

CES 2016 is here and it’s time for new technologies and developments. Garmin, manufacturer of fitness tracking equipment, has brought a new augmented reality for the cyclists. Called the Varia Vision, this augmented reality display can be mounted on your sunglasses. It can reduce the risk of accidents among cyclists. This new AR display can turn out to be a wonderful and effective accessory for every cycler.

So, what can this device offer its consumers? Let us have a look at this post to know more:

Alleviating Chance of Accidents with Proper View

As a cyclist you might already be having tiny computing devices on the handlebars of your rides. However, that might turn out to be risky as you have to look down while riding in heavy traffic. You might also miss out on important information like the direction of any place.

Varia Vision will reduce the chances of accidents as it offers the required data right in your line of view. You will not only learn how well you are riding but also get other key data like directions of a place or get alerts about the traffic. You will get directions for every turn you have to take and other necessary data along with notifications from your phone and more.

That’s not all; you will also be notified of the cars that are coming from behind with the rearview radar.  

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How Does the Device Work?

The user interface of the device operates in a similar way like the Google Glass. You will be able to choose from the menus with a tiny touchpad that is given on the side of the device. There is an ambient light sensor which is integrated in the device. You will get notified with vibration. The sensor is waterproof and the battery is claimed to last eight hours.

While it seems to be a very useful device for the cyclists, nothing can be said unless consumers try it in real life. However, your smartphone will play an important role in the operation of this AR display, as notifications and GPS directions are all obtained from it.

The augmented reality device will be available at a price of $400 and is expected to come in the market in the first quarter of 2016. Though on a high price range, Varia Vision could soon become a hit among regular and serious cyclists.

What do you think?

What’s your thought regarding Varia Vision? Can it find a large customer base? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – cnet.com

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