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Improve Track Performance with Augmented Reality Windscreen

Improve Track Performance with Augmented Reality Windscreen

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC, the UK-based automotive company is working on ways to bring augmented reality in cars. A few months back, the manufacturer had experimented with HUD and cameras to create transparent bonnets which could help the drivers see potholes ahead in the road. This might be helpful while driving on normal roads, but what about people who are interested to race through the tracks? Well, the company is now developing a concept of ‘virtual windscreen’ which will help those people.

Augmented Reality Windscreen

This concept of augmented reality windscreen will not only help the drivers to increase their performance on a race track but also provide practical information to people driving through normal roads. Those behind the wheel will be able to see high quality virtual images showing probable hazard, navigation and speed icons over the windshield of the car. These data will be helpful for everyday driving.

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But when it comes to people who are driving on a race track, the virtual windscreen will be even more helpful. Brake guidance, lap times and virtual racing lines are displayed onto the windshield of the car. The race line will show the drivers the best possible route around a course, like showing when to accelerate or brake. There is also a ‘ghost car’ racing option, where drivers will be able to race against their own best track performance. The system works in the same way as the HUD system of a video game and overlays the necessary information onto the windshield, thereby making it a wonderful training tool for drivers who want to improve their track performance.

Gesture Control System

Jaguar is not only working on this virtual windscreen to make driving better, but it is also working upon a gesture control system which will save the drivers the hassle of using any buttons. The system uses ‘e-field’ sensing which is based on ‘capacitive discharge touch screens’. The technology can track gestures as it can detect the hand movements of a user within proximity of 15 cm. All the drivers need to do, is to gesture carefully.

According to Dr Wolfgang Epple, who is the researcher and technology director of Jaguar, gesture control has now become a common way of controlling different things, from game consoles to TV sets. He also added that they are now testing the system on different features like rear wipers, sun-blinds, etc. This system can be most likely used in the next few years.

That’s not all; Land-Rover is also planning to use eye-tracking technology to place information at convenient points on the windscreen of a car. They are also going to replace external and rear view mirrors with cameras and virtual displays with the use of a 3D instrument cluster. This will help in the perception of depth in a better way.

What about you?

Are you excited about this new concept? Are you into racing? Do you think this virtual windscreen will actually help pro drivers to improve their performance? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – www.diseno-art.com


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