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Top 5 Wearable Techs of CES 2014

Top 5 Wearable Techs of CES 2014

A few days back, we had discussed about various augmented reality innovations that made their debut at International CES 2014. Apart from the AR devices, wearable tech dominated the CES this year. Right from smart glasses, to smart watches to wristbands, every sort of wearable tech was seen in this event. For most of the technologies that were launched in this event, fitness was the main focus. Here we bring to you top five wearable techs that were introduced in this year’s CES.

LG Lifeband Touch

The Lifeband Touch is a fitness device brought by LG for the US wearable market. This fitness band is water resistant and provides the users with data like total calories burnt, distance of how much you have traveled and your workout duration. This device can also display texts, phone calls and alerts from social media. It has a touch screen display and is compatible with iOS as well as Android. The app with this device will work with other health apps as well.


Sony SmartBand

Sony was already in the smartwatch market and now it has made its entry into the smart fitness band market as well. The special thing that makes this wearable tech different from similar other wearable devices is that, the sensor module called the Core, can be removed and placed in different wristbands. The LifeLog app accompanying the SmartBand is the best thing of this device. It will create a virtual schedule for your entire day as well as give feedback on your workout.

Edison- Intel‘s Development Board

Edison was one of the biggest announcements at CES 2014. Intel’s development board features a dual core 400MHz Quark processor. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth incorporated in it and has some LPDDR2 memory. It runs on Linux. It can not only work with devices like phones, computers or tablets, but also coffeemakers, chairs, and even coffee cups. In an example showed by Intel at CES, the board was attached to a baby’s onesie and with the help of sensors results like the baby’s temperature, motion, breathing, etc. was provided to a parent through a coffee cup.

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Optinvent ORA

This device, launched at CES 2014 is a wearable headset similar to Google Glass. The functionality is same but the screen is larger, brighter and sharper than Google Glass. The display is really sharp. The images are projected directly in your field of view which is not the same in case of Glass.

Heapsylon Sensoria Fitness socks

With this wearable tech, sensors will be in your clothes. Textile sensors are fitted in the Sensoria Fitness sock’s sole which are read by an ankle bracelet. The anklet is attached magnetically to one of the socks. There is communication between the anklet and your smartphone, where an app might be running or the data is sent to the cloud. Your stride and cadence can be analyzed by the sensors. You can also monitor your weight.

These are the top five wearable techs of CES 2014. If you have something to add to the list, share it with us through your comments.

Image Source – techbeat.com 

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