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Will Future Mobile Devices Depend Too Much on Augmented Reality?

Will Future Mobile Devices Depend Too Much on Augmented Reality?

Industry experts and users from all across the globe are of the opinion that augmented reality can truly unlock new potential in mobile devices.Future mobile devices are likely to have a few impressive features, which will make them far more developed that the present day mobile devices. One of the leading chip designers of the world, Qualcomm believes that AR technology will become an important feature of all smartphone and tablets of future. Augmented technology is becoming more and more popular with every passing year and its unique interactivity is the prime reason for its popularity. AR technology has bridged the gap between physical and digital worlds effectively. DKQ3Q44TX68F

In coming years, mobile devices are more likely to become like Microsoft’s Kinect, according to Qualcomm. That is, future smartphones are likely to have augmented reality technology similar to that featured in the Kinect system of Microsoft, which boasts of its innovative image recognition, motion sensing and augmented reality technology. Initially, Kinect system was meant to make video games much more interactive to allow gamers control their games with their body movements rather than just with the help of a controller. All these features made Kinect a powerful tool for augmented reality technology for developers all across the world. And having such augmented reality features will make the future mobile devices much more interactive.

Qualcomm also believes that future smartphones will come with the ability to more effectively recognize images and register movement they see in the real world. Even the company realizes that it is difficult to know the full potential of AR for sure, especially its use in the mobile technology. However, the technology has every potential to change the mobile users’ experience with the world. At least, it will expose buyers to a wide variety of interactive entertainment and advertisements, even more than the present day number.

Already, a large number of applications are coming up leveraging AR technology for engaging consumers. In fact, Google Play and Apple App Store have more than 4,000 apps that use augmented reality technology. Mostly, these apps are used for entertainment purpose but many of them are being used for m-commerce. Many retailers are taking advantage of AR technology to provide more interactive and dynamic shopping experience to the consumers and the technology is effectively turning mobile devices of the consumers into a tech-savvy personal and enthusiastic personal shopping assistant.

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